The Hyperfine Coupling Radical Pair Mechanism of Biological Effects on Weak Magnetic Fields

Jin-Hua Ouyang

College of Physics and Engineering, Qufu Normal University, Qufu, China


Keywords: Hyperfine coupling radical pair mechanism, Weak magnetic fields, Biological effects, Hypomagnetic field (HMF), Near-null magnetic field, and Singlet yield of the radical pair.


More recent concerns have been raised about the biological effects of all different weak magnetic fields (MFs) with the development of electric device era and information era. The biological effects due to weak MFs just like a hypomagnetic field (HMF) or near-null magnetic field is a very important subject for aerospace traveling and space station living. A large number of studies on the biological effects of other weak MFs have been carried out. The biological effects of different weak MFs can be negative or positive. Many mechanisms to explain the bioeffects of weak MFs have been given. Are there possible common mechanisms of the different biological effects in different weak MFs ? It’s unbelievable and sound impossible at first sight that different bioeffects of different weak MFs have common mechanisms. But possible common mechanisms can exist. In this study, the author proposes the relations between the singlet yield of the radical pair and the weak MFs are the possible common mechanisms. Giving one possible common mechanism of bioeffects of all different weak MFs including impulsed ones is the first to the author’s known. Here, the weak MFs are ones that cannot produce thermal bioeffects not only limited below 1mT.


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