Vol 3 No 1 (2016)

Radiation Protection Measures in Radio-Diagnostic Centers in Gaza Hospitals, Palestine

Khalid Jamal Khadoura
Head Nurse of Internal Medicine Dep., Shifa Hospital, Faculty of Nursing, The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine
Samer S. Abu Zer
Radiology Department, Shifa Hospital, Gaza Strip, Palestine Occupied
Samir S. Yassin
Physics Department, The Islamic University of Gaza
Mohamed R. Al Agha
Environment and earth science department, The Islamic University of Gaza
Published February 2, 2019
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Whereas radio-diagnostic centers have potential to present hazardous effects due of ionizing radiation. Radio-diagnostic workers awareness, practices regarding radiation protection issues, availability of radiation protection devices and effective personal radiation exposure monitoring process has an important role to safe working in these places. We carried out this study in nine governmental Gaza governorates hospitals. The study instrument was close-ended structured questionnaire consists of five parts. 182 radio-diagnostic workers participated in the work. Based on the obtained data, the participants reported that 35.2% of personal radiation protection devices are available in the radio-diagnostic centers at governmental Gaza governorates hospitals. In spite the fact that 74.8% of participants have awareness about radiation protection issues, but it is only about 53.4% of participants follows the radiation protection practices. There is an obvious poor of personal radiation exposure monitoring process. Conclusively, the results represented in this work reflect that majority of participants believe there is no radiation safety officer to provide the service. Therefore, there is a desperate need for rules, regulations and radiation protection act in the field of radiation in medical field.


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