Vol 3 No 1 (2016)

Ionizing Radiation Leakage in Radio-Diagnostic Centers at Gaza Strip Hospitals, Palestine

Samer S. Abu Zer Abu Zer
Radiology Department, Shifa Hospital, Gaza Strip
Khalid J. Khadoura
Head Nurse of Internal Medicine Dep., Shifa Hospital, Faculty of Nursing, The Islamic University of Gaza
Samir S. Yassin
Physics Department, The Islamic University of Gaza
Mohamed R. Al Agha
Environment and earth science department, The Islamic University of Gaza
Published February 2, 2019
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The fact of using radiation in medicine has led to major improvements in the diagnostic and treatment of human diseases. However, it carries some risks of health problems. In Gaza governorates hospitals, there is tremendous development has taken place in the radio-diagnostic field and there is no clear radiation protection program, lack of clear information about radiation protection measures and guidelines. The objective of this study was an assessment whether yearly equivalent radiation dose received by the radio-diagnostic workers and public in governmental Gaza governorates hospitals are within the dose limits recommended by ICRP or not. The study was carried out in nine governmental hospitals. The hospitals were selected because of their large and diverse of their radio-diagnostic services. The radiation survey meter (OD-01) was used to measure radiation leakage. Data sheet was also used to elicit information about the radio-diagnostic rooms and machines specifications. The results indicate that the fluoroscopy and CT scan rooms were not efficiently lead lined and the radiation protection is not well organized. The measured values of radiation dose rate at different locations in basic X-ray and mammography rooms are found within a permissible limits for occupational stuff and public. However, the recommended distance between the X-ray machine and control panel have not been achieved in some rooms.  Therefore, there is a desperate need for rules, regulations and radiation protection act in the field of radiation in medical field.



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