Vol 5 No 1 (2019)

Developing a Test to Measure Drawing a Shape-Schema and Making a Table Skills of Prospective Teachers

Ibrahim Yuksel
Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education Ankara, Turkey
Muhammed Ali Savas
Akcamescit Secondary School, Centrum, Bartin, Turkey
Published November 29, 2018
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In this research, it is aimed to develop a valid and reliable test to determine the drawing a shape-schema and making a table levels of prospective teachers at Mathematics and Science Education, Turkish and Social Sciences Education and Basic Education Departments. In this process, a comprehensive item pool has been prepared with the table of specifications regarding the gains to be measured and the highest possible number of substances has been produced for each gain. The items were prepared according to the characteristics of the target group. A pool of 18 items consisting of drawing a shape-schema and making a table sub-dimensions was formed from the methods used in problem solving in this study. Expert opinions were taken to ensure the validity of the test. Two experts in the field of science, two in the field of classroom teaching and two in the field of social sciences were interviewed. In the field of language and expression, two experts were consulted. Based on the opinions of the experts, 6 items were excluded from the test. The 12-item test was applied to 13 prospective teachers who were educated at a public university, which has an important place in the field of education, and who were willing to participate voluntarily and randomly selected. Arrangements have been made for a more comprehensible expression of items after the pilot implementation. After the pilot test, the Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of the 10-item test was, 73. The duration of completion of the test questions was 60 minutes for 12 items. Then, when two items were excluded from the test, the mean time was determined as 54 minutes.


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