Vol 2 No 1 (2018)

The Role of Plea Agreement in Resolution of a Criminal Case in the Criminal Proceedings of the Republic of Kosovo

Albulena Hajdari
Professor at College UBT, Prishtina, Kosovo
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  • Agreement,
  • Punishment,
  • State prosecutor,
  • Defendant,
  • Court.


Plea agreement is an important criminal-procedural institute through which is granted the possibility to the defendant to plead guilty, and in return to acquire facilities concerning criminal sanctions as well as other considerations in the interest of justice including the possibility of acquittal of the defendant from the punishment. This institute may be initiated by the defendant, his defense counsel and the state prosecutor which are also its negotiating subjects. In order for this criminal-procedural institute to affect in resolution of a criminal case must be approved by the competent court. Plea agreement may be initiated for all types of criminal offenses irrespective of their importance. As it derives by the modest results of this scientific paper criminal case resolution through plea agreement in Kosovo continues to be applicable relatively rarely which is not in line with current trends existing nowadays in modern countries. During preparation of this scientific paper I have used legal, comparative and statistical methods, as well as it has been consulted a relatively rich scientific literature.


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