Assessment of Breast Cancer Awareness in Tamale Metropolis in Ghana

Alex Addae-Korankye

Central Business School, Central University College, Ghana.

Alex Abada

Central Business School, Central University College, Ghana.

Fatahiyatu Imoro

Malwin Events, Accra, Ghana.


Keywords: Breast cancer, Breast self-examination (BSE), Mammogram, Risk factors, Clinical breast examination (CBE), Medical facilities.


The study assessed the extent of breast cancer awraeness in the Tamale Metroplis in Ghana. Questionnaire, structured interview guide and focus group discussion were used to collect the primary data for the study. One hundred and twenty(120) women aged eighteen(18) years and above were purposively selected from Tamale metropolis for the study. It was found that though majority of the women were aware of the Breast Cancer disease, most of them attributed the cause to curses or punishment by gods for sins commited, and so instead of reporting the disease to formal medical facilities(hospitals and clinics), most of the women resorted to prayer camps, fetish priests, Mallams, herbalists, and native doctors. The study recommended among others that the government and for that matter Ghana Health service, and Tamale Metropolitan assembly should intensify breast cancer education and health care focussing on the '3 Ps' of prevention, protection and provision of care.


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