Comparative Analysis of Physicochemical Properties of Dimer Acids from Jathropha Curcas and Thevetia Nerrifolia Seed Oils

B. A. Ikyenge

Department of Chemistry, Benue State University, P. M. B. 102119 Makurdi, Nigeria.

K. A. Bello

Department of Textile Science and technology, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

H. M. Adamu

Department of Chemistry, AbubakarTafawaBalewa University Bauchi State, Nigeria.

A. Jauro

Department of Chemistry, AbubakarTafawaBalewa University Bauchi State, Nigeria.


Keywords: Thevetia Nerrifolia seed oil, Jathropha curcas seed oil, Dimer acid, Sulphur catalyst, Polymerization, Physicochemical properties.


Thevetia Nerrifolia and Jathropha Curcas seed oils were extracted from their oil seeds by soxhlet extraction using petroleum ether (40-60 oC) as solvent. The oils were characterized and the oil yield, refractive index, acid value, saponification value, iodine value, colour and relative density were found to be 47.77%, 1.464, 4.365 (mg/KOH), 125.62 (mg/KOH), 98.48 (wij), 4+ and 0.926 for Thevetia Nerrifolia seed oil and 46.56%, 1.496, 33.65 (mg/KOH), 175.12 (mg/KOH) 105.43 (Wij), 3 and 0.913 for Jathropha Curcas seed oil respectively. Dimer acids were prepared from these seed oils by heating 200g of each of the oils under nitrogen inert atmosphere in a four necked resin kettle at a temperature of 300oC for 12 hours. The physicochemical properties of the dimer acids were analyzed and were found to compare favourably with each and other well known feed stocks of dimerization.


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