Cognitive Discourse Reformulation Leads to the Development of the Competence of the Students: Case of the School Jean Piaget Students

Djelle Opely Patrice-Aime

Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Abidjan (Republique de Cote D’ivoire)


Keywords: Expertise, Speech cognitive, Pedagogy differentiated, Taking of consciousness, Representation, Metacognition.


This article is aimed at analyzing the explanatory speech during lessons, in which the explanation of the teacher is a cognitive development Co-built in order to help with the comprehension of new elements given to the learners. We will analyze precisely how the explanation within a teaching-training is articulated during the course. We will present the methodology of observation of these classes as well as the teaching course of the meetings of course; but also how teachers proceed to explain the complex contained in the courses? What is an explanatory speech? How to identify the lexicon difficult to understand for one learning? And which words or expressions do teacher really explain in this interaction? This research highlights how this reformulation leads the teacher to apprehend the difficulties of comprehension. He uses new means to lead the pupils to become aware of the representations in its cognitive speech to see itself adapting the contents of teaching for a successful training that positively influence its competence.


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