Focusing Organizational Culture and Employees’ Citizenship Behaviour Narratives on Broadcasting Organizations in Nigeria

Eromafuru, Edward, Godbless

Department of Business Administration, Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria.

Aigbomian, Sunny Ewan

Department of Business Administration, School of Business Studies, Edo State Polytechnics, Benin City, Nigeria.


Keywords: Organization culture, Citizenship behavior, Broadcast Organization, Nigeria.


The study was undertaken with a view to exploring if the dimensions of organizational culture predict the citizenship’ behavior of employees in the Nigerian Broadcasting Organisations. Documented evidences have revealed that not much work have been carried out in this area to fully capture and address the real essence of the culture of an organization in relation to citizenship behavior of employees in Nigerian. For the first time in the history of the Nigerian communication industry, both private and public broadcast organizations were combined and the study was interested in analyzing how the benefits that spur from the figurative marriage between organizational culture and employees’ citizenship behavior can be adapted to the Nigerian Broadcast Organisations ’needs. The cross-sectional research design through survey method and the inferential static of multi-variate regression were employed to conduct this research at 95% confidence level. The study, heavily anchored on the social exchange theory to explain the linkage between organization culture’s dimensions and employees’ citizenship behavior’ measures, has affirmed significant positive relationship among the intervening variables which are that: “the organizational culture’ dimensions significantly predict employees’ citizenship behavior’ measures; and the dimensions of organizational culture with the exception of risk tolerance are seen to significantly predict employees’ courtesy in the Broadcast organizations”. It is concluded that to forge cohesion and secure employees’ undiluted commitment to missions and goals, management must sustain an ideal structure that integrate the needs of both the employees and those of the organization.


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