Vol. 8 No. 1 (2021)

Joint Family or Nuclear Family: The Youth’s Perspective

Afifa Khalid
Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.
Aqsa Painda Khan
Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.
Sadia Mangan
Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.
Sateesh Kumar
Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.
Shivam Golani
Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.
Kashaf Aqeel Zaidi
Lecturer, Ziauddin University Karachi, Pakistan.

Published 2021-02-25

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  • Family systems, Joint family, Nuclear family.

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Khalid, A., Khan, A. P., Mangan, S., Kumar, S., Golani, S., & Zaidi, K. A. (2021). Joint Family or Nuclear Family: The Youth’s Perspective. Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies, 8(1), 1–6. https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.500.2021.81.1.6


To identify the youth’s perspective regarding joint and nuclear family systems and the factors contributing to it. A cross-sectional study conducted in 2020 in Karachi. The target population was between 18 and 45 years of age with a sample size of 523. An online questionnaire was circulated through convenience sampling technique. Data was imported and analyzed in SPSS Version 20. The sample population included 523 participants with n=441(84.3%) between 18-24 years and a female predominance n=333(63.7%). N= 454 (86.8%) participants were single. More than half n=298(57%) live in a nuclear family system, whereas, 194(37.1%) live in a joint family system. Majority n=321 (61.3%) believed there is greater expectation to agree with the opinion of the head of the family in a joint family system and lesser freedom. Mixed views were reflected regarding an increased emotional and financial stability in a joint family system with 42.8% and 59.5%, respectively. The global drift from joint family systems towards nuclear family systems was also evident in our study. The younger generation prefers nuclear family systems as they feel it respects their privacy and freedom. Moreover, it also dissociates them from any family disputes and undue stress associated with it.


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