Impact of Role Overload on Job Performance among Construction Workers

Manasseh N. Iroegbu

University of Uyo and Imo State Univeristy, Nigeria

Keywords: Role overload, Role conflict, Job performance.


This research examined the Impact of Role Overload on Job Performance among construction workers. 103 junior workers selected via simple random sampling were used for the study. They were all males and have a mean age of 31 years. Two instruments were used: Rizo et al (1970) Role conflict scale measured Role Overload while the Annual Performance Ratings of the organization measured workers performance. The results showed that the low performance workers experienced greater role-overload than the moderate and high performance workers. Thus, the hypothesis that role overload affects workers performance negatively was accepted. It is recommended that organizations should reduce work load in line with human capacity, redesign jobs and employ more workers to reduce role overload.


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