Qualitative Information Analysis on Managing Quality Service: Issues and Challenges

Leena Nitin Fukey

Professor, Department of Hotel Management, Christ University, Bangalore, India

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.500/2016.3.3/500.3.163.172

Keywords: Quality service management, Service enhancement, service delivery, Perception, Expectation, Hotel organization.


Quality and service management is a process intended to create and maintain importance to any service organizations strategy and competitive positioning where the similarities and differences of services offered are valued. The literature on quality service management has mostly emphasized on perceived service quality, customers expectation, judgment of attitude relating to the superiority of the service, measures of quality attributes associated with service delivery, to enable the survival and the success of the business. The current study examines the potential barriers to quality service delivery and suggests strategies to enhance quality and inclusiveness. It is based on a survey in ten hotels in Bangalore and the managers and executives were interviewed from these selected hotels. The study concludes that simple and successfully managing services to enhance quality can lead to more committed, better satisfied, better performing employees and potentially better financial performance and repeat business for an organization.


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