Achieving Performance Targets and Reducing Staff Turnover in a Not-For-Profit Organisation

Kati McKeon

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


Keywords: Performance targets, Achieving goals, Staff turnover, Management support.


Despite being in a sector that traditionally attracts intrinsically motivated staff, Company X experiences a high turnover of staff. This is due to poor performance which has a significant impact on morale. The targets set by management are strictly enforced and there appears to be a mismatch between a strategic and operational approach. There is also no consistency in the way that poor performance is addressed. This paper presents a proposal for improving performance and introducing incentives to motivate employees. In addition it recommends a management support system that will help employees achieve targets and the company to meet its organisational goals. This would ensure that everyone within the company worked together and supported each other as lack of support was found to be one of the main reasons why employees left the company. Although Company X offers initial orientation training, this was another major source of dissatisfaction leading to employee resignations. This paper proposes a more systematic and structured approach to training that should benefit both employees and the company, and ensure that the high staff turnover is reduced.


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