Mapping the Historical Development and Perceptions of Democratic Elections in China Since 1949

Zhaohui Hong

Fordham University, USA.


Keywords: Chinese communist party, Intra-party elections, Checks and balances, Political reform, Competitive election, Effective supervision.


One of the key measures for reforming the Chinese political system is to establish the checks and balances within the Communist Party. Doing so in turn requires an open, competitive and comprehensive democratic intraparty election. This article focuses on the historical development of intraparty elections and the practice of a checks-and-balances system in China since 1949. The article examines five main perceptions of the current political situation in China, including the urgent need to hold intraparty elections, the necessity of implementing the multi-candidate election, the positive impact of competitive elections and effective supervision mechanism, the capability of tolerating competitive interest groups within the party, and the integration of the state and party policies on building a people-oriented harmonious society. The article argues that building a democratic mechanism is contingent upon competition, which requires public campaign and transparent elections. Only in this way will the Chinese Communist Party prove itself to be adaptable and resilient.


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