Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

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Adsorptive Removal of a Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Oxybenzone from Water with Metal-Organic Frameworks
Naz Fathma Tumpa, Yeon-Koo Jeong
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Organic Geochemistry and Source Rock Potential of Naokelekan Formation in Selected Wells, North Iraq
Jan I. Ismael
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Groundwater Based Irrigation and Food Security in Raya-Kobo Valley, Northern Ethiopia
Dessie Nedaw, Nata Tadesse Tafesse, Kifle Woldearegay, Tesfamichael Gebreyohannes, Frank Van Steenbergen, Loiskandl Willibald
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The Effect of Long Term Irrigation by Treated Effluent on Boron Accumulation in Soil and Citrus Plants
Ra'fat Abu Daba'an, Husam Al-Najar
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Assessment of Public Perception and Awareness of the Effect of Poor Solid Waste Disposal on the Environment in Jalingo Metropolis
Oruonye, E.D., Tukura Ejati Danladi
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Water Balance Model: Implications for Groundwater Recharge Estimation in Data Scarce Arid Catchment, Northern Ethiopia
Nata T. Tafesse, Michiele Gebrehiwet, Solomon Habtu, Berhanu F. Alemaw
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