Instructions for Authors

  1. Manuscripts must be unpublished. The title page must include an abstract that is no longer than 250 words, key words, and  full contact information for all authors must also be provided on a separate page. References must strictly meet the journal’s style requirements.
  2. Abstract: Author(s) will need to write abstract briefly and clearly the main aims and findings/conclusions of the work; it should provide the reader a clear idea of what has been achieved. The length of the abstract should be within 150-250 words.
  3. All illustrations of any kind should be submitted as sequentially numbered figures, illustrations should not be inserted in the manuscript but supplied after the main body of the text.
  4.  Tables should be numbered and headed with short titles. As with illustrations, they should insert in the main manuscript text.
  5. Acknowledgements should appear at the end of the text.
  6. These should be numbered consecutively in the text.
  7. References must be listed at the end of the manuscript and numbered in the order that they appear in the text. Every reference referred in the text must also present in the reference list and vice versa. In the text, citations should be indicated by the reference number in brackets [1]. 
  • [1] B. Nair and R. Taylor-Gjevre, "A Review of Topical Diclofenac Use in Musculoskeletal Disease," Pharmaceuticals, vol. 3, pp. 1892-1908, 2010.
  • [2] R. E. Kalman, “New results in linear filtering and prediction theory,” J. Basic Eng., ser. D,vol. 83, pp. 95-108,1961.
  • [3] M. Abramowitz and I. A. Stegun, Eds., Handbook of Mathematical Functions.Washington, DC: NBS, 1964, pp. 32-33.