Territorial human capital and the economic development of territories: Study socially innovative aspects of cooperatives in the prefecture of Agadir Ida Outanane

Abdeljalil Mazzaourou

Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Agadir, University Ibn Zohr, Morocco.


Jamal Agouram

Faculty of Economics and Management Guelmim, University Ibn Zohr, Morocco.


Mustapha Amzil

Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Agadir, University Ibn Zohr, Morocco.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.20448/ajssms.v10i3.4984

Keywords: Agadir Ida Outanane, Economic development, Human capital, Social innovation, Territory.


This paper is situated within territorial economics, with the noble aim of elucidating the intricate interplay between territorial human capital and the economic advancement of the esteemed Agadir Ida Outanane prefecture, particularly within the social innovation concept. It endeavors to navigate the nuances of theoretical intricacies and empirical analysis tools, all in a concerted effort to address the paramount inquiry: "To what extent can territorial human capital serve as a propelling force for the development of the Agadir Ida Outanane area, and how might social innovation contribute thereto?" In pursuit, we have adopted a methodological approach rooted in deductive reasoning and underpinned by a post-positivist paradigm. Through a judicious synthesis of theoretical constructs and observed realities, we have deftly formulated a hypothetical model that interweaves the concepts of territorial human capital, social innovation, and economic valorization of the territory. This model has been tested on a dataset comprising 180 operational cooperatives in the revered Agadir Ida Outanane area. The discerning findings of this inquiry concur with the existence of substantial and noteworthy contributions among the multifarious concepts under scrutiny.


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