Awareness Level and Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Pre-service Primary School Teachers Regarding Syrian Students’ Education in Turkey

Sevda Kubilay

Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Vocational School of Social Sciences, Turkey

Remzi Kılıç

Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Faculty of Education, Turkey


Keywords: Multicultural education, Self-efficacy beliefs, Pre-service teachers, Syrian students in Turkey, Pedagogical education, Attitudes toward Syrian students.


The aim of this study is to reveal awareness level and self-efficacy beliefs of pre-service primary school teachers about the education of Syrian students in Turkey. In the research, 20 participants were determined on a voluntary basis among the senior students attending education faculty of a state university. The research was conducted with the focus group interview. Findings indicate that the participants are not aware of the current statistics and educational policies about Syrian students. However, they are aware of the problems that may be encountered in multicultural classrooms. As for the attitudes of participants towards Syrian students, it is revealed that some participants have positive attitudes towards Syrian students and emphasize the concepts of empathy and tolerance but some have negative attitudes. The vast majority of the participants do not feel themselves capable of carrying out educational activities in a multicultural environment. Similarly, they think that the faculties of education do not prepare teacher candidates in this respect. Consequently, it is important for pre-service teachers to have positive attitudes towards Syrian students. It is necessary to provide pre-service teachers with necessary pedagogical background to make them feel professionally competent in multicultural settings.


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