Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

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Analysis of Use of Virtual Reality Technologies in History Education: A Case Study
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The Impact of Thematic Learning Integrated ICT in Tabot Bengkulu as Cultural Ceremony toward Social Interaction Knowledge in Elementary School
Endang Widi WINARNI, Endina Putri PURWANDARI, Herman LUSA, Sri DADI
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The Effect of Motor Performance on Sportive Performance of Children in Different Sports Branches
Zait Burak AKTUG, Ruckan IRI
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Examination of the Attitudes of School of Physical Education and Sports Students towards Teaching Profession in Terms of Various Variables
Turan ÇETİNKAYA, Abdurrahman KIRTEPE, Fatih Mehmet UĞURLU
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Using Generalizability Theory to Assess the Score Reliability of Communication Skills of Dentistry Students
N. Bilge Uzun, Mehtap Aktaş, Semih Aşiret, Seha Yorulmaz
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STEM Education through the Perspectives of Secondary Schools Teachers and School Administrators in Turkey
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The Influence of Information Technology on Student’s Behavioural Nature in the Class Room
Liaqat Ali
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A Study on the Relationship between the Performance Characteristics and the Body Mass Index of 8-10 Year-Old Children
Vedat Ayan
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Flow Experiences in Physical Education Classes: The Role of Perceived Motivational Climate and Situational Motivation
Elif Nilay ADA, Zisan Kazak ÇETİNKALP, M.Ersin ALTIPARMAK, F.Hülya AŞÇI
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The ‘Push and Pull’ Factors of Distributed Leadership: Exploring Views of Headteachers across Two Countries
Dandy George Dampson, Evelyn Ama Frempong
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Socialization Effect of Physical Activity in Students Who Need Special Education
Mehmet Ilkım, Halil Tanır, Mehmet Özdemir
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The Effect of the Web Based Digital Story Applications on the Digital Literacy Levels of Turkish Teacher Candidates
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The Effect of the Training Program to Promote the Knowledge and Awareness of Prospective Preschool Teachers on Emotional Neglect and Abuse
Mehmet Kanak, Neslihan Avcı
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Contribution of Plays and Toys to Children’s Value Education
Mustafa ÖNDER
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Investigation of Proactive Personality Characteristics of the Students of High School of Physical Education and Sports through Various Variables
Burhan Ozkurt, Cemal Berkan Alpay
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