Multi-faceted identities of teacher assessors: A qualitative study in the Vietnamese educational context

Phuong Hoang Yen

Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Pham Trut Thuy

Nam Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Le Thanh Thao

Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Nguyen Anh Thi

Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Nguyen Huong Tra

Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Huynh Thi Anh Thu

Can Tho University, Vietnam.


Keywords: Competency-based education, Professional identities, Qualitative study, Teacher assessors, Teacher roles, Vietnamese educational context.


Within the educational landscape of Vietnam, the professional identity of teachers when acting as assessors remains a comparatively uncharted domain and requires further explorations. Consequently, this qualitative investigation was initiated to delve deeper into the intricate identities Vietnamese teachers adopt in their capacities as assessors. Relying upon frameworks such as Constructivist Grounded Theory and Identity Theory, the study meticulously analyzed self-reported narratives from 15 tertiary lecturers based in Vietnam. Through this rigorous analysis, a spectrum of fifteen distinct identities was uncovered. These identities included “Gatekeepers of Knowledge and Competency”, “Nurturers”, “Diplomatists”, “Auditors”, “Confusian Sages”, “Innovators”, “Social Justice Advocators”, “Cultural Mediators”, “Emotional Anchors”, “Scalfolders”, “Technological Navigators”, “Lifelong Learners”, “Community Builders”, “Ethical Guardians”, and “Democratic Facilitators.” Intriguingly, these identities were not merely seen as additional layers to their professional duties; instead, they emerged as foundational components of teachers’ professional self-image. The forces molding these roles are diverse, encompassing deep-seated cultural values, prevailing educational paradigms, and personal lived experiences of educators. Unraveling these identities offers consequential implications for the broader educational sector. It underscores the imperative to holistically re-envision teacher training programs and assessment design, ensuring they resonate with the multifaceted roles educators play in steering both academic achievements and wider societal outcomes.


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