The Development of an Appropriate Knowledge Management Model for Public University Lecturers

Chomsupak Cruthaka

Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand


Keywords: Conditions of knowledge management, problems of knowledge management, Knowledge management model, Necessary of knowledge, Satisfaction, Public university lecturers.


In this research objective is to construct and develop an appropriate knowledge management model for public university lecturers. The model was developed on the basis of the Delphi method in which experts evaluated the model in three rounds. Experts also evaluated the model for appropriateness prior to experimentally testing the model with 30 Ramkhamhaeng University (RU) lecturers. Four categories of necessary knowledge engaging 25 types of knowledge were evaluated prior to the commencement and after the completion of the experiment. Satisfaction of the participants in the experiment was determined by means of the website. It was found that knowledge scores after the completion of the experiment were higher than prior to its commencement at the statistically significant level of .05 and that the level of satisfaction was evinced at a high level. This means that the knowledge management model was appropriate for creating knowledge.


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