The impact of short-term training in qualitative research methods delivered to emerging researchers in disability education in India

Richard Rose

University of Northampton, UK.

Jayanthi Narayan

University of Northampton, UK.

Ratika Malkani

Indian Inclusion Research Network, India.


Keywords: Disability, India, Professional development, Qualitative methods, Research competence.


This paper reports the findings from a pre- and post- survey of participants and interviews with a small number of course members. A three-day course of training in qualitative research methods was delivered to a cohort of inexperienced researchers, all of whom were working in the field of special educational needs and disability, in Kolkata, India. The study examines the effectiveness of the training, taking into account the teaching methods used and the structure of the workshop. The findings suggest that emerging researchers prefer a hands-on workshop approach to more traditional lecture delivery of research training. The levels of support provided by tutors and the interaction with practical activities using bespoke resources found favour with participants. Following the training workshop, members expressed greater confidence in their ability to use qualitative research methods and understood the relation of this approach to quantitative studies. Some who completed the course have begun to conduct independent research investigations using the methods taught.


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