The ideal school for mainstreaming students' dreams

Serdal Deniz

Kayseri University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Turkey.

Ridvan Karabulut

Kayseri University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Turkey.


Keywords: Ideal school, Mainstreaming, Parent, Special children, Student, Teacher.


This research was conducted to determine the ideal school that mainstream students dream of. The research was conducted using the phenemology approach, one of the qualitative research models. Participating in the research were students with mild special needs who attended inclusive education in Turkey and had no problems understanding and answering the questions asked, as well as the teachers and parents of these students. The study collected data from 28 inclusion students with special needs, 28 parents of these students, and 28 teachers. We obtained data using semi-structured interview forms. The analysis of the data obtained was done using the content analysis technique. As a result of the research, it was found that the wishes of inclusive students regarding school/class were collected in four themes: arrangements in teaching, lessons and environment, and positive attitudes. In addition, it was determined that the requests of the inclusion students from their parents regarding the school/class consisted of three themes: arrangements in the lessons and environment and positive attitudes, and their complaints consisted of two themes: peer bullying and social acceptance. In light of the research findings, it is recommended to conduct advanced research based on having inclusion students write stories about the school/class, keeping a diary, and collecting the information they convey to their close circle in order to determine the ideal school of their dreams.


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