The Two Nation Theory and the Creation of Pakistan

Mehreen Hassan

MA in Political Science and International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey.


Keywords: British, Hindus, Identity, Muslims, Nation, Pakistan, Two nation theory.


Creation of Pakistan and its historical importance is not very well known to the world particularly the We see very limited role of religion in state affairs in the West and this is the reason we call it a” Secular State”. This very example depicts that how religion can change our perspectives. The main motive of this research article would highlight the role of the Two Nation Theory in creating Pakistan. This research writing picks from the present literature, scholarships on the narrative on Two Nation Theory and the creation of Pakistan while finding the importance of the role “identity” played in the Indo-Subcontinent partition. There is not enough research and writings done on the role of identity in case particular to the Indo-Subcontinent divide. This is the reason I made a very small effort that might add to the existing partition of 1947 scholarship. The article would be bringing two variables namely the Two Nation Theory and identity aligned to find out the reasons for the birth of Pakistan and India. The term “Identity” has been defined, redefined and interpreted by different scholars in their case of study and domain. They have defined and questioned identity in various perspectives of study but what was lacking was a future interpretation of identity in case particular to the creation of Pakistan.


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