A Focused Analysis of Recruitment and Performance Management in the Import and Export Industry

R George

Faculty of Business Cape Peninsula University of Technology

A Slabbert

Faculty of Business Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Keywords: Data analysis, Employee, Employment relationship, Human capital, Human resource management (HRM), Performance management, Recruitment.


While many studies have been conducted on recruitment and performance management, there is a paucity of research on these two functions within the industry. Recruitment and performance management are vital human capital and human resource (HR) functions that play a crucial role in guaranteeing an organisation’s ability to achieve its business strategy. Furthermore, studies have shown that in recent years, performance management has become intrinsic to most organisations. The research comprised five phases of data collection from 151 randomly selected respondents. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to gain insight into how these two functions were executed within the industry under investigation. Thereafter a performance management module was developed and implemented, and the questionnaire was redistributed after six months. The results support the view that the functions of recruitment and performance management are poorly managed within the industry. Furthermore, the intervention of the performance management module indicates that interaction with employees relating to individual performance enhances both their work performance and general awareness of inter-personal and organisational issues. The findings from this research suggest that recruitment and performance management are essential HR practices often overlooked in an environment that is extremely demanding. Disregard of these practices, especially performance management, has proved to have a negative impact on employee job performance. It is therefore recommended that organisations follow processes and invest in such programmes, not only to achieve their organisational goals, but also to develop and enhance employee performance. This study has specific and important implications for the import and export industry, substantiating the researcher’s premise that effective recruitment and performance management can improve and facilitate the management of the industry’s employees.


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