Curbing Societal Vices Through the use of Fables

Rabiu IY Anda

Osun State University, Osogbo, Department of Languages and Linguistics, College of Humanities and Culture, Ikire, Nigeria

Keywords: Literature, Fable, Society, Vices.


Fables, one of the major forms of literature could be said to be as old as man. It serves as an informal educational sector and acts like a store-house for African traditions before the colonial contact. As literature it’s borne out of man’s existence and experience, so also is fable, which is attached to perform its major roles; correcting, satirizing, entertaining and to teach morals. This paper looks at the present dearth situation of fables, makes efforts to explicate the importance of fables. It delves to how fables could be used to contribute to searching for global peace and mutual relations in the present day generation as it was in the past. The paper also examines some problems militating against fables and equally put forward ways of surmounting these obstacles.


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