Exploring the Effects of Training and Development Practices on Organization Performance: A Case Study of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Muhammad Waqas Chughtai

Assistant Professor, NTI School of Management Sciences

Zulfiqar Ali Nadeem

Research Scholar, NTI School of Management Sciences

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.500/2016.3.1/500.1.47.55

Keywords: Organization performance, Training, Employees development, Pakistan.


Training and development (T&D) is important for survival of every organization. It plays a strategic role to achieve the current as well as future goals of the organization. The core objective of the research was to explore the impact of training and development on organizational effectiveness. The research was based on a case study of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The study consists of the data gathered through a structured questionnaire from the employees and management of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in Islamabad and Rawalpindi region. The results have disclosed the importance of training and development practices and its impact on individuals as well as on organization. Furthermore, it is suggested that T&D programs should be carefully assessed, designed, implemented and evaluated in order to fill the gap between existing and required skills, abilities and knowledge of the employees; in addition to enhance the organizational effectiveness.


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