Agricultural exports: Systematic literature review on determinants and export-led growth relationship across developing nations

Shabnam Kumari

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade - IIFT, New Delhi, India.

Deepti Kakar

Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, New Delhi, India.


Keywords: Agricultural exports, Economic growth, Production, Real exchange rate, Systematic literature review.


The present descriptive article intends to systematically review the list of researches that defines the determinants of agricultural exports across various developing nations and also to made an extensive survey of Agri-exports and economic growth association in several countries during the period of 2000 to 2020. This study is descriptive in nature and has used random sampling technique to select the literature on given sample variables. The data has been collected from various sources such as Research Gate, Science Direct, Sage, Springer, Scopus and National Digital library etc. The findings reveal that the variables; production, producer price, domestic price, export price, real exchange rate and real interest rate have a significant positive impact on exports of agricultural commodities from developing nations. The present study reveals that agriculture export development is a prerequisite condition for overall growth of industry and economy while, some researches accumulate mixed or conflicting evidences that there exhibits the lack of conformity on the potential effect of Agri-exports on economy. This meta-survey of literature will illuminate the academician, researchers and scholars to understand the Agri-exports determinants and their relationship with economic growth and so on to government policy makers.


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