The Impact of Working Conditions on Academic Staff Turnover at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Stanislas Bigirimana

Faculty of Management and Administration, Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Esnath Ntombizodwa Sibanda

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Reason Masengu

Faculty of Commerce, Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe


Keywords: Africa University, Higher education/university management, Staff turnover, Motivation, Working conditions, Job satisfaction, Staff retention.


A study was carried out to assess the impact of staff working conditions on academic staff turnover at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe. Out of a total of 74 academic staff, a sample size of 35 was randomly selected in the four categories of lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and professor. Several facets of working conditions were explored, namely, leadership style, perceived organizational support, performance management system, academic freedom, collegiality, opportunity and support for research activities, workloads and psychological contracts. This study found that the working conditions were unfavorable and this led to situations where academic staff leaving Africa University at the earliest opportunity.


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