Digital Study of the Protestant Market: Taipei and Provincial Capital Cities in China's Southeast Coast as Case Studies

Zhaohui Hong

Fordham University, USA

Jianfeng Jin

Purdue University Northwest, USA


Keywords: Digital study, Spatial study, Protestant market church, Accessibility, Church availability.


Addressing the digital and spatial study of the Protestant market in Taiwan and mainland China is pioneering attempt to enhance the Christian study in Asia. The article selects Taipei and China's five additional provincial capital cities in the southeast coast to calculate and map the supply-side and demand-side of the Protestant market in the early of 21st century. Utilizing the digital and spatial methods, the article provides a comparative perspective in measuring the Protestant density, accessibility and availability of Taipei and five capital cities in China's southeast coast. The article concludes that in light of a democratic society with a religious freedom policy, Taipei has enjoyed a healthy Protestant market demonstrated by its better Protestant density, accessibility and availability.


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