Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


The Impact of the New Accounting Reporting Among Listed Firms in Nigerian Stock Market
Musa Yelwa Abubakar, Nasiru Abdulsallam, Muhammad Yusuf Alkali
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An Analysis of Various Types of Supply Chain Management Systems: Case of Global Public Sector versus Private Sector Procurement
Sakhile Manyathi
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The Impact of Packaging Designs on Consumer Buying Behaviour of FMCG during the Hyperinflationary and After the Dollarisation Era in Zimbabwe
Godwell Karedza, Mike Sikwila
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The Need for Involving Parents in the Rehabilitation of Persons with Special Needs in Nigeria
Juliana Rotkangmwa Bodang, Rachael Asibi Amwe
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A Comparative Study of Private Security Regulations of Mongolia, Belgium and the United Kingdom
Galbat Lkhagvamaa, Julak Lee
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The Cointegration Analysis of the Long-term Bond Rates in Japan under the Zero Lower Bound Problems
Shohei Ishibashi
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Tax Incentives and the Flow of Foreign Direct Investment to Non-Oil Sector: Empirical
Joseph Amuka, Fidelis Ezeudeka
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Use of Mental Health Services in Primary Health Care Delivery Systems in a Developing Country: A Survey of Selected General Hospitals in Delta State Nigeria
Bryan Oweilayefa Gere
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