Investigation of Aggression Levels of University Students (Kocaeli University Case)

Özlem Keskin

Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Recreation, Kocaeli, Turkey

Hakan Akdeniz

Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Recreation, Kocaeli, Turkey


Keywords: Sport, Aggression, University students.


The aim of this study was to investigate the aggression levels of university students in different departments in terms of sport and other variables. The population of the study consists of university students studying at Kocaeli University; the sample group consists of a total of 700 students, 378 male and 322 female, studying in the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Communication and Faculty of Education of Kocaeli University. A screening model was used in this survey. A Personal Information form developed by the investigator and a Turkish-adapted Buss-perry aggression scale was utilized to determine the aggressive attitudes of the individuals. The frequency distribution specified the demographic features and analyzed the data; the T-test examined the relationship between the two independent variables; Anova Variance was used to review the connections between more than one variable. Finally, the significance level is accepted as p<0.05. According to the findings of the research, there are statistically significant differences (p<0.05) in terms of gender, family structure, school department, family attitude, mother still living, sporting situation, kind of sport performed, reason for involvement in sport, cigarette-alcohol abuse and income level. We can state that sport positively affects the aggression levels of university students. Sport also varies by the gender variable, and males are more aggressive than females. It can also be pointed out that aggression varies by the school department, family attitude, cigarette-alcohol abuse, mother still living, reason for playing sport and income level.


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