Modelling in the scientific approach to teaching life and earth sciences: Views and practices of Moroccan teachers

Sara Ifqiren

Cadi Ayyad University, Ecole Normale Superieure, Marrakesh, Morocco.

Sophia Bouzit

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Faculty of Sciences Dhar Mahraz, Morocco.

Ihsane Kouchou

Cadi Ayyad University, Ecole Normale Superieure, Marrakesh, Morocco.

Sabah Selmaoui

Cadi Ayyad University, Ecole Normale Superieure, Marrakesh, Morocco.


Keywords: Life and earth sciences, Modeling, Models, Pedagogical strategies, Science education, Teaching and learning processes.


Modeling is a fundamental tool in the teaching and learning processes of life and earth sciences. It serves as an investigative instrument that enables students to test hypotheses and solve scientific problems. This paper presents the findings of a survey conducted among 96 Moroccan life and earth sciences teachers teaching students at the primary, junior high and high school levels. The study aims to highlight the role of modelling in life sciences instruction and explore teachers' understanding, approaches and perceptions towards models and modeling practices. A questionnaire-based methodology was employed to collect data on teachers' awareness of the significance of models in life sciences and the instructional approaches that are adopted in these models. The findings reveal Moroccan teachers' clear grasp of models' significance in teaching life sciences. Moreover, they employ similar approaches to models and modeling practices. The research highlights instructors' awareness of models' potential to increase the effectiveness and appeal of scientific instruction. It establishes modeling's pivotal role in instructing life sciences, emphasizing the need to incorporate modeling activities into the curriculum to nurture students' scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills. The study's practical implications suggest the value of training programs and professional development initiatives for teachers to promote model use in life sciences instruction. Enhancing teachers' knowledge and pedagogical strategies related to modeling can enrich science education leading to increased student engagement and achievement in the life sciences.


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